The best health insurance if you’re an adventure seeking Kiwi

I had never considered health insurance until I had sinus surgery, followed by a root canal procedure. They say it comes in threes… what’s next, my wisdom teeth?

I think it might be time to get health insurance.

Given my line of work, and travel schedule, I decided it was important to make plans regarding healthcare.

I lead an active lifestyle, and love my adventure activities however when unexpected illness slows me down, my main priority is to get well again to keep up with my busy schedule.

For me, it was important to look into getting health insurance so I’m not hindered from doing the activities I love.

No matter how many superfood ingredients you put in your smoothie, there are some things that pop up in life that kale and kefir aren’t going to fix. That’s why nib Health Insurance is a safe option for piece of mind.

nib is great for young professionals because they provide great value health cover for under $20 a week.

You can start with a standard plan if you’re looking to cover your wisdom teeth, tonsils and sinus surgeries (all applicable to me), right through to premium cover.

As the second largest health insurer in New Zealand, I trust nib to give me the right kind of support to enable me to live the exciting and active life I lead.

So sign up with me by the 7th of August and you will receive a $200 Prezzy Card, after three months of cover!

This post was made possible thanks to nib Insurance, NZ.


Liv x


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