How to snake a cheap deal to Europe from the UK

In an endeavour to bring you the best advice for scoring yourself some excellent travel deals, I got chatting to Spencer Ireland from Compare and Fly about their absolute best deals for using the UK as a springboard for exploring Europe.

I’ve been to Europe many times, but Spence has the insider down-low on what you should be paying for flights.

The UK is a great place to visit at any time of year. From London’s diverse range of galleries, museums and historical landmarks to Yorkshire’s idyllic rolling countryside, all the way up to Scotland’s culture-rich capital of Edinburgh, there really is something for everybody (despite the country’s infamously drizzly weather). However the beauty of the UK is it’s close proximity to Europe. You could spend a weekend eating pasta in Italy or drive the Golden Circle in Iceland if you’re savvy with your travel plans.

For those in search of warmer weather as an antidote to the chilly British climate, Spain or Portugal offer the perfect solution. During the months of November and December, you can pick up flights for as little as $140 to $160 NZD return. Fares inevitably go up during the summer months, but the most you can expect to pay for flights is around $400 NZD, respectively. For those visiting in the winter months, the countries’ major cities will also provide excellent cultural experiences. Madrid, for example, is replete with repositories of some of the best European art ever produced, and a trip to the Prado Museum is a must for all culture mavens.

If you’re keen to experience Scandinavian culture, return flights to Sweden can be found for under $400 NZD at any time of the year. The winter in particular is a great time to appreciate the country’s astounding natural beauty. Its glaciated mountains, vast lakes and boreal forests are particularly picturesque, and can provide an interesting contrast to the landscapes of the UK. In terms of cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg provide quaint cobblestoned streets, coastal areas, and a whole host of great museums. 

Of course, there are many other countries within Europe that the UK can act as a perfect springboard for visiting, the great thing about the continent is that it can offer such a diverse range of experiences in a relatively compact area. Plan your trip carefully enough, using a flight comparison site like is a great way to source these deals and you can make it the experience of a lifetime!

– Spencer Ireland, Compare and Fly

Sounds like a pretty rad deal to me! Also flights to London are looking pretty reasonable these days. You know where I’ll be heading soon friends…


Liv x


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