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It’s easy to feel alone, especially while travelling. I know I have, along with the 285,000+ girls who are also members of a Facebook community Girls LOVE Travel. In saying this, life experiences unite us and restore an overwhelming feeling of warmth.

Lara Bothe, an 18-year-old girl from Germany devastatingly lost her father in the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. This morning she posted on the page tentatively asking if someone might go down to the World Trade Centre to leave a token of love in his honour as she was not in NYC.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 7.13.35 AM

The overwhelming response of kind words, gestures and acts of selfless kindness brought me to tears. Although I’m sitting here on the other side of the world in New Zealand, I too could offer my condolences and love along with hundreds of other girls who may have shared similar experiences or just have an open, empathetic heart.

Photo: Jenna Znak

Lara commented graciously, thanking each girl and mentioned that it would be tough going through graduation. A local New Yorker suggested she would even take a photograph of her own graduation cap next to Lara’s father’s name.

One #GLT member couldn’t have put it better, “It’s humanity at it’s finest. There are always more beautiful souls helping than there are who harm. This is a reminder of how much love there is in the world! ❤”

Wise words in my opinion, and a message we must all take away from this story. You never know what your neighbour is going through and extending a little love, even to a stranger can do a world of good. We’re in this life together, let’s stop racing round competing, and instead build one another up with love and positivity.

My thoughts are with Lara and her family, thanks for sharing your story and to the #gltLOVE community.


Liv x



Known for: Roman history
Basilicas + cathedrals
Foodie's paradise
Ancient architecture
Beautiful art

Push open the shutters, inhale the aroma of rich brewed coffee and look at row upon row of ancient buildings lining the cobble stone streets.

In New Zealand our oldest building, Kemp House, is nearly 200 years old, The Pantheon in Rome however was built in 117AD, and is still used as a Roman-Catholic church to this day.

During a bleak winter week in England, I booked a fly-out-tomorrow spontaneous getaway to Italy, and without hesitation (and a ticking time-out server pressing my deadline) I chose Rome.


10pm Friday night, I checked into a gorgeous BnB called Salotto Monti. When I first arrived I thought I’d booked a dud as there was no signage to be seen and no signs of life.

After bumbling my way through broken Italian, a game of charades with some locals and doubtful thoughts that the streets would be my home for the night – the big wooden door opened and a little head popped over the bannister of a spiral staircase. “You are here!” cried a petite Italian woman. “Buonasera” I replied as I turned to thank the entourage of helpers peering through the doors behind me.

Two days in Rome was not going to make me an expert on the place by any means. However I was content with the amount of activities I fit into my schedule. If you’re only visiting for 2 days also, you might like to follow my itinerary. Continue reading “OLIVIA ROUND ROME”

The Rolling Stones | NZL

One of the best concerts I have ever photographed would have to be The Rolling Stones when they came to New Zealand. The entire concert I was filled with adrenaline from the energy they possessed on stage and in between shots I was singing at the top of my lungs. It got me thinking about how lazy our generation can be. These skinny jean clad dudes are in their seventies – darting across the stage, full of life and passion. Even if they were performing I Can’t Get No Satisfaction for the 486th time, they didn’t show any hint of boredom, it was like they were playing each song for the first time like excited teenagers at their “hope we break even” gig.

I will be forever inspired by the guys who have pioneer rock’n’roll history – from their fashion, to the music, to the way they get out the door in the morning.

Photographs © Olivia Round Photography

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Olivia Round NZFW | Weekend Highlights + Trelise Cooper

This year I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely and talented Dame Trelise Cooper after her gorgeous show. I have photographed her fashion week shows for seven years now (you can see the 2013 coverage here) and this year was yet another success. Trelise, you were an absolute joy to chat to and I wish you all the best for your overseas adventures and look forward to working with you again in future. Here’s the video:

Me, Trelise and Julia (my wonderful assistant)
Me, Trelise and Julia (my wonderful assistant)


@oliviaroundtown: Last day of fall 🍁🍂🍃 photographed by Anupam Singh // Wearing: @trelisecooper & @madewell1937 My favourite Trelise Cooper dress
@oliviaroundtown: Last day of fall 🍁🍂🍃 photographed by Anupam Singh // Wearing: @trelisecooper & @madewell1937
My favourite Trelise Cooper dress ♥


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Spring Cashmere | Featuring Tilly & Tully Jewellery

Last week my friends and I decided to take a spontaneous adventure out to Muriwai beach. In Auckland we are really lucky with our beaches – 10 minutes to a great beach, 20 to an even better beach and 40 mins and you’ll find something so spectacular you won’t be leaving until dusk or even dawn! I feel so blessed to live in such a magical part of the world.

Recently I received a little parcel in the mail from the lovely girls at Tilly & Tully. There were two super cute silver rings and a sterling silver heart bracelet. I instantly fell in looove with them as anyone who knows me would agree I don’t go OTT on the jewellery front, however I am a bit of a hippy when it comes to layering rings and delicate bracelets. They’re so perfect for everyday wear and you can mix and match your combinations. I love how feminine and simplistic they are too ♡  Continue reading “Spring Cashmere | Featuring Tilly & Tully Jewellery”

Trish Peng’s – A day in New York Collection 14

Last night I went and photographed the launch of kiwi fashion designer Trish Peng’s new collection. I’ve always been a fan of her elegant, fun designs and was excited to see her new New York inspired range. My favourite trends of the show were definitely the off the shoulder numbers and three quarter sleeves – a perfect look as winter quickly creeps up on us… Now I just need a red carpet event to show off a gorgeous gown! Zac Efron, call me 😉 Continue reading “Trish Peng’s – A day in New York Collection 14”